Bordeaux Avenue

Highland Park, Dallas, Texas
Architect: Fusch Architects

To exercise his skills as a master craftsman, Paul was afforded an opportunity to design an exceptional, timeless home built with Old-World construction methods rarely used in North Texas. He envisioned the estate as a true work of art, creating living spaces using the highest-quality materials available. He found the ideal property in a prime lot on Bordeaux Avenue in Highland Park, and set out to create the finest Italian villa in the heart of Dallas!

Poring over blueprints in partnership with Robbie Fusch of Fusch Architects, with whom he has worked for more than a decade, Paul drafted plans for the ultimate villa. It encompassed a highly unusual and inventive underground basement parking area, concrete construction with traditional framing nestled inside concrete walls, fine Italian windows and was accented with local stone installed with his local craftsmen.

The home’s design today still stands as one of Paul’s more unique projects.